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May 29, 2016
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Officer Holgate is the heartthrob of Navajo Cops

By Stacy Thacker, University of Montana

While I was home on Spring Break driving around the area I kept my eyes peeled for the Navajo Cops that i've seen on TV every week, but there was one cop in particular that I was hoping to see-Officer Christopher Holgate.

One night as I drove down my street in Navajo, N.M. I saw the flash of red and blue lights and wondered what was going down so close to my house. While I took my curiosity out of my car and onto my porch I watched a Navajo Cop in action. The officer was giving the suspect a sobriety test that the man was obviously failing. As the handcuffs were put on I realized this was the first time outside of the National Geographic TV show that I saw a Navajo Cop arresting someone and soon I became one of those nosey neighbors without realizing it.  

After watching the arrest I wondered if the officer could be one from the show and as I strained my eyes to see and my ears to hear I realized it was none other than Officer Holgate himself! I had been so caught up in the action and excitement to see a Navajo Cop in real life that I didn't even bother to see who it was.  

I stood there star struck while Officer Holgate began to search the vehicle of the arrested man and couldn't help but wonder if he missed the cameras following him around. I was tempted to run down the street just for a quick hello and I even would have sprung for an autograph…and maybe a quick photo op. However I didn't think Officer Holgate would appreciate my interrupting an arrest. So, I stood back and let the man do his job.

This was the happiest coincidence I had while at home on my mini-vacation, besides getting to see my family of course. After everything was over I couldn't believe I got to see my favorite cop in action, I took to my phone and texted just about everybody that I knew and shared my awesome experience. I'm sure most of my friends didn't care but I was positive that there were other fans out there on the reservation that would have stood out on the porch with me and marveled at a routine arrest.   

While there are two more episodes of Navajo Cops that will air on April. 16 and April 23, once the show ends i will miss the cameras and the action that takes me home every Monday night. I'll miss feeling like I"m riding with the cops but after getting to see an event in real life I couldn't have asked for a better season or a better 10 minutes of Navajo Nation law.

So ladies, in the mean time, let's keep our heads on and not get pulled over just to see if it’s Officer Holgate who gets out of the vehicle, I'm sure he has enough crazy to deal with.

Stacy Thacker (Navajo) is from Navajo, N.M.