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May 26, 2016
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A vote against colonizing the moon

By Santee Ross, University of Montana

All of America has their eyes and ears on the upcoming presidential elections. I have reluctantly noticed that my ears perk up at the mere mention of Gingrich or Romney, which is rare. I’m no political science major.

So when I heard through NPR that Gingrich proposed a permanent base on the moon, I couldn’t help but turn up the volume.

This idea is crazy. I mean, really crazy. When people use the word “crazy,” they are talking about Newt Gingrich. Has he never seen a sci-fi thriller? Space equals unknown, which equals aliens.

Despite the aliens, Gingrich has no proposed way of how he is going to pay for this permanent base on the moon, which he said will be American.

Gingrich should try and focus on Americans. You know, in America. Here on earth. The economy is only slowly recovering from the recession, there’s still unemployment and then there’s healthcare that people don’t have. Basically we still have issues here.

So it doesn’t make sense why Gingrich would focus on going to the moon. It’s like he’s indulging in cheesecake after only a week on a diet. Ok, when I phrase it like that I understand it better, but still.

I wonder if it’s just a white guy thing that they feel the need to conquer and control everything they can get their hands on. It must be in their DNA to go to an unknown land, automatically declare their ownership and force their ideals on everyone else.

History can back me up here beginning with Columbus followed by centuries of disastrous American Indian policies finally leading to what is now our sovereign tribal governments. You can tell when a government official doesn’t understand tribal law because every other word out of their mouth is “sovereign.”

Doesn’t it make sense to stick to the diet and skip the cheesecake at this point? This is why I admired Obama because he forced Americans to eat their greens and watch our portion sizes.

Obama has not only worked for the American people he was actively working for Native people. He was meeting with our native representatives and working to pass bills that actually benefited Native American people.

Both the Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010 and the Indian Health Care Improvement Act are two bills that reflect his willingness to work with Natives .

So I will pass on the cheesecake in favor of what the Obama’s are cooking up instead—their menu at least includes Native dishes.

Santee Ross (Hopi/Lakota) is from Lander, Wyo.