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May 26, 2016
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Friday, January 27

By Stacy Thacker, University of Montana

For many students living on reservations, getting to school is a challenge in itself. Bus runs on Indian Country, in particular the larger reservations or lands located in rural areas, can be a very significant commute. It’s almost impossible to live in some reservations without a vehicle, which most families don't have. This makes it even tougher if families have to drive kids to school.

Thursday, November 10

By Stacy Thacker, University of Montana

With Native American month kicking off I thought I’d take a look at Natives accomplishing cool things and acknowledge their success as well as hopefully unearth some over looked Natives in the process because everyday somebody is doing something cool.

Tuesday, February 15

Amid cutbacks, President Barack Obama is requesting to decrease the allocation to Indian Affairs by nearly $120 million in his proposed 2012 fiscal year budget.

However, Obama’s budget proposal, which was released Monday, also includes significant increases allocated to tribal programs in a proposed Strengthening Tribal Nations initiative.

In Obama’s plan, Indian Affairs – which includes the BIA and the Bureau of Indian Education – would get 2.5 billion, a decrease of $118.9 million from the previous levels, according to the Department of Interior.

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